Labeling Requirements for Firepots, Portable Fireplaces, and More!


By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

Unknown to many, portable firepots including but not limited to: tabletop fireplaces, fondue pots, patio firebowls, tiki torches, and other decorative lighting accents that support open flame burning are subject to very strict labeling and performance requirements in Canada.

Any of the above products that have a reservoir that may hold fuel are subject to the labeling and packaging requirements under the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR), 2001 and ASTM F3363-19 or an equivalent.

Fuel reservoirs are considered to be ‘containers’ under the CCCR 2001, even if they are empty when sold, or sold separately from a fuel. As such, portable firepots must be labeled in accordance with the hazards associated with the fuel intended to be used with said product. In most cases, the fuel is classified as Flammable or Toxic. The label elements associated with these hazards must then be present on the firepot itself. In addition, child-resistant packaging may be required.

Firepots must also meet the performance criteria outlined in ASTM F3363-19 (or an equivalent standard) to ensure flame jetting does not occur. Flame jetting is a phenomenon in which pouring fuel ignites the vapors, causing a flame to travel up the fuel stream and into the fuel container, resulting in an extremely dangerous fire and burn risk. Flame jetting has resulted in several deaths in Canada. Firepots must contain a specific Warning label found in the ASTM standard.

If your product is deemed non-compliant by Health Canada, you will very likely face a recall and/or product seizure. It is illegal to manufacture, import, advertise, or sell these products if they pose a danger to the Canadian public.

If you are unsure how to comply with these requirements, or are currently facing a voluntary recall, Dell Tech can assist. We can help you navigate the labeling requirements, provide label reviews, and submit documentation to Health Canada on your behalf. Contact us today for more information.

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