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Manufacturers and advertisers are required by law to substantiate all claims, expressed or implied, with reasonable evidence before placing that claim on packaging or in advertising. This is overseen by the Federal Trade Commission (US) and by Competition Bureau Canada (CAN). Claim substantiation and performance testing is a key step in bringing any new product to the market. Without it, you put your business at risk of lost advertising and packaging assets as well as fines.

claim substantiation
claim substantiation for laundry detergents

Below is a list of claims that require substantiation before going to market:

  • Non-Comparative Claims such as “Cleans Soap Scum”, “Streak-Free” or “Cuts Grease”
  • Category Claims such as “Cleans ceramic tile”, “Cleans Glass” or “Will Not Harm Marble”
  • Parity Claims such as “Works as well as the other product”
  • Superiority Claims such as “Product A is better than Product B”, “4 out 5 dentists recommend” or “2x better than the leading brand”

Some types of claims, like these exaggerated statements for example, do not require substantiation: “World’s Greatest Cleaner”, “Surface Shines like Diamonds” or  “Makes Your Laundry Whiter than White”


Dell Tech offers a variety of chemical lab testing services to support claim substantiation for chemical cleaning products.

Our team can perform the following methods from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):

  • ASTM D2047 Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish Coated Floor Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine
  • ASTM D4488 Testing Cleaning Performance of Products Intended for Use on Resilient Flooring & Washable Walls
  • ASTM D4265 Evaluating Stain Removal Performance in Home Laundering
  • ASTM D5343 Evaluating Performance of Ceramic Tile Cleaners
  • ASTM D3052 Standard Practice for Rating Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes
  • ASTM D3207 Standard Test Method for Detergent Resistance of Floor Polish Films
  • ASTM D3556 Deposition on Glassware During Mechanical Dishwashing
  • ASTM D3751 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Furniture Polish
  • ASTM D4009 Standard Guide for Foam Stability of Hand Dishwashing Detergents

Our team can perform the following methods by the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA):

  • HCPA DCC-05A Deposition on Glassware during Mechanical Dishwashing
  • HCPA DCC-09 Glass Cleaners
  • HCPA DCC-11 Home Laundering Pre-Wash Spotter Stain Removal
  • HCPA DCC-15 Measuring Degree of Surface Abrasion by Abrasive Cleaners
  • HCPA DCC-17 Greasy Soil Test Method

Our team can perform the following methods by the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (Industrieverband Koerperpflege- und Waschmittel e. V.) (IKW):

  • IKW method for ascertaining the cleaning performance of dishwasher detergents
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Frequently Asked Questions about Claim Substantiation and Performance Testing:

What is claims substantiation and performance testing, and why is it important for businesses?

Claims substantiation and performance testing is a comprehensive process that validates and verifies the claims made by businesses regarding their products or services. It involves standardized testing, analysis, and assessment to ensure that the claims are accurate, reliable, and supported by scientific evidence. This process is vital for businesses to establish credibility, build trust with customers, and avoid misleading advertising.

What types of claims can be substantiated and tested through Dell Tech Laboratories?

Dell Tech Laboratories specializes substantiating claims for household cleaning and other personal care products. Examples include:

  • non-comparative claims such as “cleans soap scum” or “streak-free”
  • category claims such as “cleans ceramic tile,” “cleans glass” or “will not harm marble”
  • parity claims such as “works as well as the other brand’s product”
  • superiority claims such as “product A is better than product B” or “2x better than the leading brand”

We specialize in laundry testing for claims substantiation and performance as well. Talk To Our Team to learn how Dell Tech can help your business succeed.

How long does the claims substantiation and performance testing process typically take?

The claims substantiation and performance testing process will vary depending on several factors, including the test method, product type and number of samples. Dell Tech’s chemical lab testing services works closely with each client to understand their business needs, plan testing efficiently and manage expectations. We strive to deliver accurate and reliable results within reasonable timeframes to support timely decision-making.

What is the significance of claims substantiation and performance testing for businesses?

Claims substantiation and performance testing plays a crucial role in providing evidence and validation for the claims made by businesses regarding their products. Performance testing completed by a trusted lab helps establish credibility, build customer trust, and ensures that advertising and marketing materials are accurate and reliable.

Can claims substantiation and performance testing help businesses meet regulatory requirements and industry standards?

Yes, claims substantiation and performance testing can assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements and complying with industry standards. Dell Tech also specializes in Hazard Classification Testing, which plays an important role in ensuring compliance for consumer chemical products, as well as Eco Label Testing which upon successful results, permits companies to market their products as reduced risk to human and environmental health.

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