Manufacturers, importers, and transporters of workplace and consumer chemical products are required by law to evaluate the hazards of their products. Dell Tech works hand-in-hand with clients from all over the world to test industrial and consumer chemical products.

Our ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory will perform a variety of assessments to meet your needs.

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Lab Services Include:

Extensive Lab Analysis

Dell Tech offers standard ASTM and customized testing of a wide range of workplace and consumer products. We are able to support consumer, commercial, and industrial product sectors with thorough Hazard Classification, Claim Substantiation, and Product Performance testing.

Dell Tech is an active and contributing member to Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) and ASTM. These associations develop and publish the test standards used by industry, retailers, and independent third-party certification organizations to evaluate and validate performance of consumer and commercial cleaning and maintenance products.

Working collaboratively with Dell Tech’s Product Safety experts, we will interpret and apply your test results to ensure that your product is compliant with transportation, workplace, and consumer regulations.

Dana Mladin

Dana Mladin

Senior Laboratory Technician, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Call: 519.858.5021 ext 2070

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