Dell Tech clients come from diverse products areas including the oil, paint, adhesives, cleaning products, fragrances, and food industries. As such, we are familiar with the unique needs and requirements of each sector.

We listen to our clients’ desires and will adapt our documentation to their preferences. We take the time to learn about your product and its intended uses, and will determine best steps to effective marketing.

We provide guidance on what your labels can claim and will advise if any of your existing documentation would not meet compliance with Health Canada or OSHA. Our decades of experience and technical expertise allows our team to help you navigate North America’s constantly changing regulations with ease.

Our team is proficient at analyzing product formulations and we pride ourselves on making value-added recommendations to improve the safety of your product.

At Dell Tech, we want you to get your product to market quickly, while ensuring that it stays compliant with standards and regulations.

Product Safety Services Include:


  • Comprehensive formula analysis
  • Labeling and packaging compliance for workplace and consumer markets
  • Trade Secret applications
  • Transportation classification
  • Packaging guidance
  • Authoring of GHS SDS for the US (OSHA) and Canada (WHMIS) in multiple languages
  • CCCR Consumer Label Guidance for Canada
  • CPSC Consumer Label Guidance for the US (FHSA & PPPA)
  • Amazon Vendor Compliance and other Retailer Initiative Programs
  • HMIRA Claim for Exemption Trade Secret Applications for Canada
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Guidance for TDG, IATA, IMDG, DOT
  • Vendor SDS Compliance
  • California Prop 65 Label Compliance
  • California Cleaning Products Right to Know Act
  • Federal and State VOC Labeling Compliance
  • Technical translations of labels and SDSs into multiple languages
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