Herbicides and Pesticides

Canadian pesticide registration is a complex process that involves the evaluation of formulations, extensive testing to determine the potential risks posed to human health and the environment, and the pesticide’s value, which is determined by assessing the product’s efficacy.

Dell Tech understands the current PMRA landscape and knows how to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our regulatory specialists are well versed in the PMRA electronic indexing program and secure web portal to submit your application quickly and efficiently.

herbicides and pesticides


  • Design a registration strategy, timeline, fee, and cost estimate
  • Review data and create gap analysis
  • Ensure high-quality applications
  • Create PMRA English/French label text for submission
  • Submit pre-submission consultations, registrations, renewals, incident, and sales reports
  • Act as a Canadian Regulatory Agent for foreign companies
  • Address deficiencies and liaise with PMRA directly on your behalf
  • Registration package/dossier assembly and electronic submission

Pesticides regulated under PCPA include, but are not limited to:

  • Conventional and Non-conventional Pesticides
  • Biopesticides (including microbials and biochemicals)
  • Agricultural Pesticides (including fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides)
  • Wood Treatment
  • Antimicrobials (including Material Preservatives, Water Treatment, Pool & Spa Products, Sanitizers)
  • Personal Insect Repellents
  • Disinfecting/Sanitizing Devices such as  Ultraviolet (UV) light decontamination, Ozone generators, Electrolyzed Water, and Hypochlorous Acid devices
Jacqui Jenskey

Jacqui Jenskey

Director of Regulatory Affairs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Herbicide and Pesticide Regulations:

What is a Pest Control Product?

What is a pesticide or pest control product? According to Health Canada, it is:

  1. a product, an organism, a substance or a device, including which derived through biotechnology, consisting of active ingredient and formulants, that is used directly or indirectly, to control, destroy, attract or repel a pest, or to mitigate or prevent the injurious, noxious or troublesome effects of a pest;
  2. an active ingredient that is used to manufacture anything prescribed in above paragraph;
  3. a compound or substance that is not an ingredient of a pest control product described in paragraph (a) but is added to or used with such a product to enhance or modify its physical or chemical characteristics or to modify an effect on host organisms in connection with which the product is intended to be used;
  4. a treated article; or
  5. treated seed

Dell Tech will review your product formulation, claims, intended use and use site(s) to determine the best strategy for application with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

What are the different classes of pest control products?

DOMESTIC applies to pest control products (PCPs) intended to be distributed primarily to the general public for personal use in or around their homes.

COMMERCIAL applies to PCPs distributed for commercial activities that are specified on the label.

RESTRICTED applies to PCPs for which the Minister, out of concern for its health or environmental risks, has set out additional information to be shown on the label concerning essential conditions respecting the display, distribution or limitations on use of, or qualifications of persons who may use, the product.

MANUFACTURING applies to PCPs to be used only in the manufacture of a pest control product or a product regulated under the Feeds Act or the Fertilizers Act.

What are the different categories of applications for Pest Control Products registration and post-registration management?

Category A – Registration of new active ingredient, major new use or promulgation of import MRLs (Maximum residue limits) for new active ingredient

Category B and C – Amended/New registrations (changes in source, use expansions, etc)

Category D – Importation for Manufacturing and Export Program (IMEP) and Minor Uses

Category E – Research authorizations

Category F –Notification

Category L – Data protection (PPIP)

What is a Pre-Submission Consultation?

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) offers a pre-submission consultation for new products. There is no government fee to request such a consultation. PMRA will review the claims, formulation, etc. and provide written confirmation of the complete data requirements along with details on exactly what efficacy data they will require as part of your application.

What are the similarities between Canada’s PMRA and United States’ EPA regulations?

Canada’s PMRA and United States’ EPA both try keep the same data requirements as much as possible for the pest control product registrations.  PMRA encourages registrants to submit the data review packages from the EPA for the new product applications if they have it. They often take steps to bring harmony amongst their regulations.

In a recent example, Harmonized Product Chemistry Templates were created, which are the hybrid of NAFTA and OECD requirements. These templates have integrated the best of both formats to benefit applicants, reviewers and potentially other regulators wishing to make use of the reviews.