Ingredient Disclosure

The California Cleaning Product Right To Know Act (CPRTKA) applies to household, institutional, commercial, concentrates and ready-to-use (RTU), air care, automotive care, cleaning, polish and floor maintenance products. It has requirements for online and on label ingredient disclosure. 

The Act requires on-label disclosure in one of 2 formats:

  1. Disclose each intentionally added ingredient that is on any one of 23 designated lists & each fragrance allergen present at or above 0.01% (100 ppm).
  2. Disclose all intentionally added ingredients and the statement “contains fragrance allergen(s)” of fragrance allergens present at or above 0.01% (100 ppm).
ingredient disclosure

The Act requires online disclosure including:

All intentionally added ingredients.

  • All fragrance components and fragrance allergens when present at or above 0.01% (100 ppm).
  • Any of 34 non-functional constituents listed in the Act when present at or above 0.01% (100 ppm).
  • CAS# for each ingredient.
  • Function of each ingredient.
  • Links to the designated list any ingredients appears on.


Dell Tech has 2 solutions for companies needing to meet the ingredient disclosure requirements for SB 258.

The first option is a label review. By providing our team with your product’s complete formula, we’ll save you time by searching ingredients against all of the 23 Designated Lists under the California CPRTKA using a single tool. With these results, we will provide you with:

  • 2 options for label content disclosure
  • Online disclosure requirements, including acceptable chemical nomenclature, function of the ingredient(s), designated list the ingredient(s) are listed on, if any, and direct links to the relevant designated list(s).

The second option is a custom search tool. By providing our team with a complete list of the CAS#s in your product(s), we will customize the search tool for your independent use. This tool includes:

  • Universal Results: all CAS# against all lists with CAS #, acceptable nomenclature and ingredient function
  • A Searchable Table where you can enter a formula based on your CAS# list which will generate the label and online disclosure for that formula


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The tool only works with CAS#. It does not search by text or class of compounds. So categories such as “nickel compounds”, “mercury compounds” or similar categories that are listed on Prop 65, California Toxic Air Contaminants, and/or California Non-Cancer Hazards cannot be found with this tool.

The tool defaults that all Prop 65 listed non-functional constituents will trigger a product warning pursuant to Prop 65.