Ecolabel programs, such as the EPA Safer Choice standard, Green Seal, and UL Ecologo are independent, third-party certification programs that evaluate products for reduced risk to human health, environmental impacts, and sustainable production practices. Ecolabels are intended to make it easier for people and businesses to select products that have credible evidence to support safer use and reduced environmental impact, while still performing effectively.

The majority of the sourcing and purchasing policies of Federal, State, and Municipal governments and institutions include a requirement for cleaning and maintenance products to hold certification with one or more of the following: EPA Safer Choice standard, Green Seal, or UL Ecologo programs.

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As major retailers continue to develop and take a lead on sustainability and transparency programs impacting formulated products, they are also beginning to require Ecologo certification for their private label brands and encouraging brand names be certified. All ecolabel programs have criteria, including:

  • Prohibiting certain chemicals
  • Prohibiting animal testing
  • Limiting toxicity and environmental impacts
  • Requiring Product Performance Testing


Dell Tech’s lab services group offers Product Performance Testing for ecolabels, including the following standards:

  • EPA Safer Choice Standard (including Glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners/spot cleaners, washroom cleaners, degreasers, laundry and related products)
  • Green Seal GS-08 Cleaning Products for Household Use
  • Green Seal GS-34 Cleaning and Degreasing Agents
  • Green Seal GS-37 Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use
  • Green Seal GS-40 Floor Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use
  • Green Seal GS-48 Laundry Care Products for Household Use
  • Green Seal GS-51 Laundry Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use
  • Green Seal GS-52 Specialty Cleaning Products for Household Use
  • Green Seal GS-53 Specialty Cleaning Products for Industrial and
  • Institutional Use
  • UL Environment Ecologo
  • UL 2759 Hard Surface Cleaners
  • UL 2777 Hard Floor Care Products
  • UL 2792 Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds: Biologically-based
  • UL 2794 Disinfectants and Disinfectant Cleaners
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Frequently Asked Questions about Ecolabel Performance Testing:

Why is ecolabel performance testing important for organizations?

Ecolabel performance testing is important for organizations to demonstrate that their products not only meet certain criteria, including prohibiting certain harmful chemicals; prohibiting animal testing; and limiting toxicity and environmental impacts, but also are able to perform as well as other traditional chemical products available in the market.

What are the benefits of obtaining ecolabel certifications for products?

Your company will benefit from obtaining ecolabel certification for a number of reasons. First, market research shows that more consumers want to purchase household products that are safer for human exposure and the environment.

Additionally, most sourcing and purchasing policies for Municipal, Provincial/State and Federal governments/institutions include provisions for cleaning & maintenance products to meet the ecolabel certification standards of at least one of the major programs.

Finally, major retailers also have sustainability and transparency programs that prioritize shelf space for SKUs that meet widely accepted environmental standards.

Are there any specific industries or sectors that require ecolabel performance testing?

While ecolabelling is voluntary, performance testing and certification would be required to support the claims being made.

What types of ecolabels are commonly tested by Dell Tech Laboratories?

Dell Tech performs the EPA Safer Choice standards for glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, carpet/spot cleaners, bathroom cleaners, degreasers, dish detergents, floor cleaners and laundry detergents.

Our team also performs Green Seal standards for cleaning products for household use; cleaning and degreasing agents; cleaning products for industrial and institutional use.

Visit our ecolabel performance testing service page for a complete list of test methods offered by Dell Tech.

How long does the ecolabel performance testing process typically take?

The ecolabel performance testing process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the following factors: product type, testing method, number of samples and Dell Tech’s current turnaround time. Talk to our team today about your testing needs and business goals.

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