The Dell Tech Regulatory Affairs Team provides professional, efficient consultation and registration services for hundreds of international companies. Our comprehensive regulatory consulting and strategy services can support all levels and sizes of business, and help your company meet regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Regulatory Services include:

Dell Tech’s Approach

One of the many benefits of working with Dell Tech is our personal touch and flexible approach. We will work with you to ensure that our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business, in order to save you time, frustration, and potentially costly corrective actions when navigating the complex regulatory processes in Canada.

Dell Tech’s confidential preliminary assessment will provide you with an estimate of time and costs. Our technical experts will assist you in exploring the shortest route and time frame to get your products to the market — and support the Life Cycle Management of your products in Canada.

Once we prepare and submit your requirements, we will manage your files and track the progress of your submission all the way to market authorization. We will keep you notified throughout the submission process.

Jacqui Jenskey Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Jacqui Jenskey

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Call: 519-858-5021 ext 2028


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