CANUTEC – Can I Use This Number for Spills Within My Facility?

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By: Kirsten Alcock, Principal Product Safety Consultant, email

I wanted to remind companies that the use of the CANUTEC Emergency Number is intended for use only in the event of an emergency involving transportation of dangerous goods. I continue to see the CANUTEC number referred to on SDS  and labels for spills within a facility and this is not at all the intention of this number.

CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre which is operated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate of Transport Canada.  Their mandate is to promote public safety in the Transportation of Dangerous goods by all modes WITHIN Canadian borders.

This service is intended only to be used within Canada and only for those CANADIAN companies that register for the free service.  It is a FREE 24-hour Emergency Telephone Service that can be used if there is a spill during transportation.

Please ensure if you are planning on using this number on your shipping documentation that you register for this service.

The information for registration can be found here along with the information on who may register with CANUTEC services.

For further information or if you need help with your CANUTEC registration,  please contact me.

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