SDS Authoring: What You Need to Know About Your Safety Data Sheet Consultant

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Are you considering outsourcing safety data sheet authoring? Before you proceed, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess any third-party consultant to verify that they possess the necessary technical expertise to guarantee employee safety and compliance in your final product.

In this article we are unveiling Dell Tech’s Product Safety Team. We aim to provide insight into our qualifications, methodology, and background so that you can make an informed and confident decision to choose Dell Tech for your company’s safety data sheet authoring.

The SDS Authoring Services We Offer

Dell Tech specializes in authoring safety data sheets for Canada and the United States. We are located within Canada, receive training in Canada, and the US. Many of our team members are involved with associations such as SCHC, Cosmetic Alliance Canada and CCSPA. By participating in these associations, we are in the know of all regulations pertaining to Safety Data Sheets.

When we provide you with an SDS, we offer an assurance of compliance for both Canada and the US. We do not outsource the creation of SDSs and labels to foreign companies. Despite receiving numerous requests from companies seeking SDSs for countries such as Mexico, the EU and China, we decline these requests. The reason is simple: we are not well-versed in the regulations of those regions. As we gain confidence in our understanding of the specific regulations in these countries, we will expand our services to offer SDSs in different jurisdictions.

It is becoming increasingly common for firms to position themselves as experts in every regulation. SDS consulting companies might claim a one-stop-shop for SDSs in all countries, but the questions remains: how well-versed are they in the details of these regulations and their requirements?

Do you know every chemical regulation for that country that impacts the SDS?

Different countries have varying regulations beyond those outlined in the GHS (Globally Harmonized System). Are you knowledgeable about these additional requirements? Keeping up to date is time consuming, which is why Dell Tech wants to do it for you.

Which GHS version is currently in use in each of these countries? Are they in the process of transitioning to a more recent GHS standards?

Furthermore, do you possess translated versions of the chemical regulations applicable in these countries? Can you ensure compliance when outsourcing to another company?

For chemical compliance in Canada and the USA, Dell Tech can provide assistance. If your product is also available to consumers, we can assist with compliant chemical product labels too.

The Dell Tech Advantage:

Dell Tech prides ourselves on being experts for more than 40 years in Canadian and US regulations where SDSs are concerned. Most companies that author SDSs have not been around that long and do not have the experience we have.

Our associates sit on a variety of associations such as CAPRA, HCPA, Cosmetic Alliance Canada, CCSPA,  SCHC. We know when changes are happening and can advise you of what to expect and when.

Our SDS authors are trained in all modes of transport for North America including TDG, DOT, IATA, IMDG regulations.

Sometimes the current data you have available about your product is insufficient for a compliant safety data sheet. Dell Tech also operates an ISO accredited lab for physical properties and hazard classifications testing that may be required for your SDS. Available hazard classification tests include:

And you can read more about our physical properties testing in this article. All testing will be done on site.

Contact Dell Tech today about how we can support your business goals, chemical safety requirements and SDS compliance for Canada and the US.  We have the experience that you can count on.

You can TRUST in Dell Tech’s 40+ years of safety data sheet authoring services.



Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the specialty chemical 

industry in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia for the last 40 years.


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