What are the Requirements to Add a Tank Mix Partner to Your Pesticide Product?

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What is tank mixing?

Tank mixing refers to combining more than one pesticide together, or combining a pesticide with other liquid products to treat various pests with the same sprayer.

A pesticide uses active ingredients to control, attract, repel or kill pests of a specific variety that may be considered a threat in a particular environment. To learn more about how pesticides are defined and regulated by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), jump over to our popular blog What is a Pesticide

Continue reading to learn more about the regulatory requirements for pesticide tank mixes. Contact our team today for assistance with your pesticide application or amendment.

What are the Regulatory Requirements for Pesticide Tank Mixes?

In order for tank mixing to be permitted for your pesticide with a desired other product, there must be text on the product label that specifically allows for tank mixing. This text may be in one of two forms: a specific mention of the tank mix partners (for example, Product X may be tank mixed with Product Y), or the general label statement that permits tank mixing.

Specific tank mixes are typically required to identify the tank mix partner by its product name. However, in some cases, a more general reference to the active ingredient may be possible. In addition to the identification of the tank mix partner, the tank mix partner application rate, and any additional pests controlled by the tank mix may also be included on the label. Alternatively, a statement referring the user to the tank mix partner label may be included. Specific tank mixes may appear on the label of one or both tank mix partner labels. There is no requirement for the tank mix to appear on both tank mix partner labels.

On the other hand, the general statement for tanking mixing which you can add to your pesticide product label is “This product may be tank mixed with (a fertilizer, a supplement, or with) registered pest control products, whose labels also allow tank mixing. This is provided that the entirety of both labels, including Directions for Use, Precautions, Restrictions, Environmental Precautions, and Spray Buffer Zones are followed for each product.” For full general statement and more information, see the PMRA Guidance Document on Tank Mix Labelling.

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How Dell Tech Can Help with Pesticides and the PMRA

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