Acetic Acid is Now an Acceptable Food Additive in Infant Formulas

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By: Joanna Chudyk, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

February 27, 2023: the Food Directorate announced an update to the List of Permitted Food Additives with Other Accepted Uses. It now permits the use of Acetic Acid as a crystallization aid and washing agent for 2′-fucosyllactose (2′-FL).

2′-FL is an ingredient commonly used in infant formulas and nutritional supplements for children under the age of 3 years. The maximum level of use permitted is according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), however, there are restrictions on the presence of Acetic Acid residues. There should be no more than 1% of residues in 2’-FL and 12 ppm in the food as consumed.

These changes come from a petitioner requesting the expansion of Acetic Acid use in other food categories through a Food Additive Submission. This process involves a pre-market assessment by the Food Directorate of all potential risks associated with the proposed change. It is intended to allow for the List of Permitted Food Additives to continue expanding as more scientific data becomes available.

The safety of Acetic Acid is supported and the ingredient is already used in a variety of other food products as a:

  • pH adjuster (cold-pack cheese, gelatin, or canned asparagus); or
  • Class I preservative (preserved fish or meat products).

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