The Difference Between DCC-09 and DCC-09A – Glass Cleaner Testing

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By: Katherine Hatherley, Lab Technician, email

HCPA’s DCC-09 and DCC-09A methods are meant to be companion tests for a full evaluation of a cleaning product that is meant to be used on glass or mirror surfaces. They work well together to give the full picture of how your product performs, but perhaps you’re not interested in having two tests completed at this time. Which method serves your current purpose? Or which method would you want to complete first?

Both tests apply to the same types of products: window cleaner, glass cleaner, wipes, etc. Both methods can inform formulation development, evaluate performance, and be used to compare products under the same test conditions.

The difference between these methods comes down to the attributes of the product being judged, and whether there is a soiling component to the testing. Let’s take a look.


DCC-09 is a soiling and cleaning procedure on glass and evaluates:

  1. Cleaning – dirt removal.
  2. Streaking – product residue left behind.
  3. Smearing – whether a mark may be made on the tile after cleaning, indicating grease left behind.

DC-09A does not involve soiling, is performed on mirror tiles, and evaluates:

  1. Filming – overall cloudiness or haziness.
  2. Streaking – product residue left behind (dried droplets or strings of droplets).


If you would like to evaluate how your glass cleaner acts upon typical window and mirror soil, then choose DCC-09 testing as it includes cleaning and smearing evaluation. Since DCC-09 also takes a look at streaking, you can get an idea of the perceived residue that your product leaves behind after cleaning as well.

If your focus is geared towards developing a product that does not leave any residue, then choose DCC-09A to zero in on how the product looks on glass that is already clean. By not including a soiling component, this method gives a clear observation of how the glass cleaner appears on the tile surface.

Both tests are offered here at Dell Tech. Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to test your product(s).

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