Glass Cleaner Testing with HCPA (CSPA) DCC-09

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By: Katherine Hatherley, Lab Technician, email

What Products: Window cleaner, glass cleaner, wipes.

What Test: Glass Cleaners HCPA (CSPA) Designation DCC-09

Why This Test: This test is used to evaluate a product’s performance under the categories of streaking, smearing, and cleaning. Evaluation is based on rating scales completed by a trained panel of judges.

Results: The results may be used for claims substantiation, performance evaluation, and product comparison.


Would you like to know how well your glass product removes dirt? How much surfactant residue does it leave behind? Does it cause evident smearing on the glass surface?

The standard method HCPA DCC-09 is a test we use at Dell Tech to evaluate glass cleaners. The method prescribes a soil formulation to be applied to clean glass tiles. Soiled tiles are aged at 50°C for two hours, followed by cooling to ambient temperature for 24 hours prior to the application of cleaners. When it comes to cleaning the glass tiles, a straight-line washability apparatus is used. This machine takes the variability of the human cleaning action out of the equation to ensure that each tile receives the same mechanical action and pressure of scrubbing.

The glass tiles are judged in the attributes of:

  1. Cleaning – dirt removal.
  2. Streaking – product residue left behind.
  3. Smearing – whether a mark may be made on the tile after cleaning, indicating grease left behind.

Evaluation is conducted by a trained panel of judges, 24 hours after the test procedure is completed. Judges rate the attributes of each sample tile against reference tiles. The average for each attribute rating and the standard deviation is compiled into a file report. A client may wish to test a single sample or compare multiple samples under the same test conditions and judging.

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