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By: Paula Stanley, Manager Environmental Health & Safety Group, email

Do you have a proper protective equipment program (PPE) for your business? There are some new additions to PPE requirements.

High- visibility safety apparel will soon be added to the industrial regulations, keeping with the requirements in the construction safety regulations. It will be necessary for signalers to wear CSA compliant high-visibility apparel, and require arm and leg bands between sunset and sunrise.

There are also new additions to eyewash and safety showers. The use of appropriate measures to protect a worker can now include:

    1. Antidotes
    2. Eyewash facilities
    3. Quick-acting safety showers

Dell Tech can create a full proper protective equipment program tailored to your workplace. The program is created based on job specific tasks, with recommended types of PPE, cleaning requirements, training, and annual required updates to help you plan for compliance with eyewash and safety shower requirements. Contact Dell Tech today for realistic solutions to maintain PPE compliance.

Dell Tech Laboratories
Paula Stanley, C.R.S.P., A.Sc.T.
Manager, Environmental & Health & Safety Group

Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the chemical specialty industry in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia for the last 39 years.  Contact us today for more information.

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