New York Amends Its Consumer Product VOC Regulation

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By: Joe McCarthy, Lab Service Manager/Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) recently published a final rule adopting new/revised volatile organic compound (VOC) limits and other provisions based on the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) Consumer Products Model Rule – Phase IV. The provisions of the amended regulation will take effect on January 1, 2022.


The revisions include adding nine new product categories:

  • aromatic compound
  • artist’s solvent or thinner
  • automotive windshield cleaner
  • high-temperature coating
  • industrial maintenance coating
  • paint thinner
  • sanitizer
  • temporary hair color
  • zinc-rich primer


The revision also includes changes of VOC Limits for ten existing categories:

  • contact adhesive
  • electronic cleaner
  • fabric
  • protectant
  • floor polish or wax
  • general-purpose cleaner
  • general-purpose degreaser
  • lubricant
  • multipurpose solvent
  • oven or grill cleaner
  • and rubber or vinyl protectant


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