Fitting Canada into a Global Product Strategy

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By: Vicki Schofield, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

Canada’s unique regulatory system can appear daunting at a first glance, especially if a company would like to bring a product into Canada that is already successful in another part of the world.

Here are 3 starting points when trying to break into the Canadian marketplace:

  1. Product Classification – Did you know Disinfectants are considered drugs in Canada and are issued a registration number? Health Canada has a unique registration review process for some products which would not require it in other parts of the world.  Product classification is based on both claims and ingredients.
  1. Ingredients – Ensuring that formulation ingredients adhere to chemical restrictions and lists dependent on product classification and import amounts. Not only does Health Canada have ingredient restrictions, but Environment Canada does as well.
  1. Maintenance and Follow Through – Once a green light is received to launch a product in Canada, what happens next? In some cases, there are quality requirements and notification activities.  What is required will be based on the product classification and whether it is a registered product or not.

Dell Tech Ltd has in-depth experience in navigating through Regulatory requirements in Canada for a wide variety of products including (but not limited to) OTC, DIN, NHP, Cosmetic, and CCCR.

Dell Tech Laboratories

Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the chemical specialty

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