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By: Teri Jenner, Manager, Regulatory Affairs Group, email

Health Canada has issued a fresh Regulatory Directive, DIR2016-01 outlining the Guidelines for the Advertising of Pest Control Products. This directive supersedes both DIR96-02, which pertained to Environmental Label Claims and Advertising of Pest Control Products, and DIR99-02, focused on Advertising Pest Control Products.

The updated Regulatory Directive aligns with present legislation, regulations, and policy advancements. It delineates Health Canada’s interpretation of pertinent requirements within the Pest Control Products Act, Pest Control Products Regulations, and other relevant statutes concerning the advertising of pest control products within Canada.

The document discusses several things, including:

  • Key requirements for the advertising of pest control products
  • The differences between informational and promotional material
  • The allowed timing of communications about pest control products with respect to the registration process; and
  • Addresses specific advertising claims such as “new” and “improved, “X-free”, “organic”, “natural”, and similar claims.


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