Guidance on WHMIS Supplier Requirements Now Available

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An updated Guidance on the WHMIS supplier requirements is now accessible on the Government of Canada’s website. This document, previously referred to as the “Technical Guidance” reflects the amendments to the Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR).

Key highlights include:

  • Changes pertinent to the amended HPR that came into force in December 2022
  • Changes associated with the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act and the Hazardous Materials Information Review Regulations amendments
  • Guidance regarding specific HPR requirements
  • Clarity on issues raised by stakeholders since the initial publication of the HPR in 2015:
    • acceptable methods for a supplier to provide a safety data sheet (SDS) to customers
    • what information to provide under Section 9 of the SDS if data for the mixture is not available

It’s important to note that this guidance focuses solely on supplier requirements under WHMIS. It does not encompass employer and worker obligations, as each federal, provincial, and territorial agency responsible for occupational health and safety has its distinct WHMIS requirements.

This guidance document is designed to be continually updated. The next anticipated update will likely address the disparities between the amended HPR and the imminent United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration Hazard Communication Standard (US OSHA HCS) update.




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