Disinfecting/Sanitizing Devices and Regulatory Requirements

 In Covid-19

By: Joe McCarthy, Lab Service Manager/Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic many new and innovative products such as  Ultraviolet (UV) light decontamination, Ozone generators, Electrolyzed Water, and Hypochlorous Acid devices are being offered for sanitization and disinfecting purposes.

A device used to sanitize or disinfect any medical device including but not limited to masks, gowns, eyeglasses, thermometers, is itself considered a Class II medical device and requires pre-market approval and registration with the Medical Devices Directorate (MDD).

A device used to sanitize or disinfect non-medical equipment in the home or workplace such as cellphones, keys, door handles, hard surfaces, fabrics are considered Pest Control Product Devices and requires pre-market approval and registration with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

All Disinfecting/Sanitizing Devices have detailed requirements for effectiveness and safety. At this time no Disinfecting/Sanitizing Devices have been approved by Health Canada for uses against COVID -19

Do you know if your device is a Medical Device or a Pest Control Product?

Do you know what the effectiveness and safety requirements are for your device?

Do you know how and where to apply for registration?

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