CCCR 2001: Labeling Exemptions for Retail Label Review

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By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

Labeling and packaging compliance is often a source of frustration for many manufacturers and retailers. Fortunately, the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (2001) offer a variety of exemptions to reduce the burden of over-labeling. Exemptions applicable to your product may include:

Packaging for Kits

If a product’s outer packaging is transparent and does not obscure the required information on the container, it is exempt from CCCR label requirements. If the outer packaging is not transparent, and contains two or more differently classified products, the following phrase must be printed: “CAUTION. CONTAINS PRODUCTS THAT MAY BE HARMFUL. READ WARNINGS ON EACH CONTAINER.”

Small Container Exemption

If the main display area of a container is less than 35 cm², only the hazard symbol and signal word need to be displayed. If the display area is between 35 and 70 cm², and more than one symbol is required, the negative and positive instructions may be omitted. Quick skin-bonding adhesives are not subject to this exemption.

Child Resistant Container Exemption

A spray container dispensing a toxic product as a mist does not require CRC, but must keep the Toxic labeling. If the product is dispensed as a stream, the exemption does not apply. Likewise, this exemption applies to single-drop dispensers of toxic products.

Minimum Amount

Toxic products will not require CRC if the total amount of toxic product is less than 1/20 of the LD50 for a 10 kg child.

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