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Flammable Liquids

Dell Tech’s accredited laboratory performs the following test methods for flammable liquids (examples: disinfectants using alcohol, window cleaners, room deodorants): 

  • ASTM D56: Standard test method for flashpoint by Tag Closed Cup tester
  • ASTM D93: Standard test methods for flashpoint by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup tester
  • UN TDG Method L.2: Sustained combustibility test
amazon iso accredited lab

Flammable Aerosols

For flammable aerosols such as carburetor or automotive parts cleaner, lubricant grease and paints, Dell Tech can supplement testing with these methods:

  • GHS/UN TDG: Ignition distance test for spray aerosol
  • GHS/UN TDG: Enclosed space ignition test
  • GHS/UN TDG: Aerosol foam flammability test
  • 16CFR1500.45: Method for determining extremely flammable and flammable contents of self-pressurized containers
  • CCCR Schedule 1: Test for determining the flashback and the length of the flame projection of a flammable product enclosed in a spray container
  • Health Canada Official Method DO-30: Determination of flame projection
  • Health Canada Method C31.2: Sustained combustibility of aerosol foam of consumer products
amazon iso accredited lab


And for corrosive testing, Dell Tech’s lab supports the test methods below. Examples of products that may have at least one of the following requirments for testing are pool disinfectants or pH adjustors, toilet bowl cleaners and descaling products.

  • OECD 435 (Corrositex®): In vitro membrane barrier test for skin corrosion
  • GHS/UN TDG Method C.1: Test for determining the corrosive properties of liquids and solids that may become liquid during transport as dangerous goods of Class 8, Packing Group III
  • CCCR: Determination of Acid Reserve or Alkali Reserve


Amazon Product Compliance

To support companies with Amazon Vendor Compliance, Dell Tech’s consultants complete product reviews for products manufactured for consumer use with attention given to regulations under the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 (Canada) and Consumer Protection Safety Commission (United States). Additionally, we assist with state-specific regulations including California Proposition 65 and VOC regulations.

Raw Materials Classification

Dell Tech has been accurately classifying chemicals for over 40 years. We will review where your data is coming from and whether or not the proper laboratory method was used. Classifying your raw materials is a critical part of authoring safety data sheets which depending on your product type, may be a component of the required certificate for Amazon compliance.

Hazard Classification Testing

In addition to reviewing your product packaging for Amazon compliance, Dell Tech’s ISO IEC 17025 accredited laboratory is equipped to conduct hazard classification testing for flammable liquids/solids/aerosols and corrosives. Not only will our team provide you with test reports which you can submit to Amazon, we will also guide you through the reported result to ensure you understand your product’s classification, labelling and other safety or compliance requirements.

Nutritional Labeling

Dell Tech’s Canadian regulatory consultants provide expert guidance on food regulations to help companies sell conventional, novel and supplemented foods on Amazon. Our team will review your product label, including Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) and annotate with corrections as necessary. If your product is in fact an herbal supplement or dietary supplement, we will assist you with classification, labeling and application for registration with Health Canada where necessary.


Dana Mladin

Dana Mladin, B.SC.

Dana supports all analytical testing in Dell Tech’s Lab Services as well as providing valuable cross divisional support in both Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety. Dana brings value to our clients with her broad understanding of Canadian and US regulations and can efficiently determine what standard methods will be required for your chemical products. Prior to joining Dell Tech in 2012, Dana had over 15 years of experience in an Engineering and Quality Control Laboratory. Dana holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Politehnica University of Timișoara.

amazon approved testing labs
amazon approved testing labs
amazon approved testing labs
amazon approved testing labs
amazon approved testing labs



    “Gorilla Glue recently completed a large and time sensitive project with Dell Tech. From start to finish, the team at Dell Tech was influential, incredibly helpful, and a value add to us. The Dell Tech staff are top notch experts with exceptional communication. We look forward to sending Dell Tech additional projects and testing in the near future.”

    Stacy Sherman The Gorilla Glue Company

    "8 years later we are still using Dell Tech to author SDSs, review labels, and keep us up-to-date on the always changing regulations in Canada and the US."

    Mike Benack Nu-Calgon, Product Manager
  • greenology products"Dell Tech has been an invaluable partner for our Regulatory and Product Development Teams.  Their laboratory services and product safety teams are knowledgeable, collaborative in their approach and provide excellent customer service with prompt turnaround time."  

    Rick Abbott Greenology Products, Director of R&D

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