What Is Your Health Product Called in Canada?

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By: Jacqui Jenskey, Principal Regulatory Affairs Consultant, email

There are many differences in how countries approach the regulation of health products. Some countries call them Supplemented Foods. Some countries call them Dietary Supplements. In Canada, they are most often called Natural Health Products (NHP). Some countries, like Canada, require a formal product registration. Other countries have no pre-approval process in place, but specific labeling requirements to ensure some level of consistency in the marketplace.

All countries regulate to ensure consumer safety. Canada’s regulatory process, while sometimes deemed the most difficult, can be relatively easy if you work with a consulting company that has a strong team of experts with fundamentals in formula assessment, providing regulatory options for your best path forward. For example, depending on your active ingredients, your Protein Powder containing vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, is most likely a Food Supplement in Europe, a Dietary supplement in the USA, and in Canada, it could be:

  1. A Food meeting food labeling requirements.
  2. A Food requiring Temporary Marketing Authorization with Food Labelling requirements and some additional marketplace data requirements, or
  3. Natural Health Product requiring registration on both the product, the Canadian importing site, and each foreign manufacturer site.

What is your health product in Canada?  Let Dell Tech help you figure it out.

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