The Importance of Main Display Panels

 In Product Safety

By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

When labelling a Canadian chemical consumer product, it is vital to know where the label elements are placed. This ensures that consumers can clearly read or see the hazards associated with the product.

The display surface of a container includes any part of its surface on which regulatory information can be displayed, excluding the top, bottom, edges, or curved surfaces. The main display panel (MDP) is the portion of the display surface that is visible to the consumer under normal conditions of sale. Most often, this is the ‘front’ face of the container where the product name is printed.

Label elements that must appear on the MDP of a hazardous product include:

  • Symbol(s)
  • Signal Word
  • Primary Hazardous Statement

Under the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations, the product identity (generic name or function) and net quantity must also be displayed.

It is important to determine the area of the MDP because font sizes and symbols sizes are based on this number. Larger MDPs will require larger label elements; smaller MDPs require smaller elements. If your label element is too small, it is considered a noncompliance.

To calculate the area of the MDP, determine the appropriate dimensions of the container. Take note not to include the height of necks or caps:

There are special calculations for cylindrical containers, and labelling exemptions for ‘ornamental’ containers and containers that have very small MDPs. One must also consider how different layers of packaging should be labelled. For example, transparent clamshell packaging or card backings may or may not affect the MDP calculation.

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