Product Stewardship: What this Means for You

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Do you sell products in Canada that contain paper products or other recycling materials? If yes, you may be considered an obligate steward in certain provinces and be required to participate in stewardship responsibilities.

What is stewardship?

Stewardship is a strategy developed to ensure organizations that produce, sell, or use single-use packaging material take responsibility for minimizing the environmental impact. Each stewardship program is managed on a provincial level and so the requirements across Canada vary widely, but the general structures are similar. Packaging supplied in each respective province will be reported to the corresponding provincial representative and fees will be paid accordingly.

What is a steward?

The organizations required to conduct the reporting and fee remittance are known as a Steward. Each province has set criteria that will assist companies in determining if they are considered a Steward. If you meet the criteria, you would be considered an Obligate Steward. If you do not meet the criteria but still wish to take on the steward responsibilities, you would be a Voluntary Steward.

Stewardship in Canada can be tricky to navigate due to the differences across all provinces. Let Dell Tech make this process easier – contact us today for a quote!


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