Corrosion Testing with Dell Tech Laboratories and Corrositex®

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Are you selling or shipping a potentially corrosive product in Canada?  Do you want to confirm, or downgrade your classification and packing group, saving you time and money?

Corrositex® is the lowest cost, fastest, and most accurate non-animal OECD/GHS approved corrosion test available

Dell Tech is the exclusive Canadian supplier of InVitro Corrositex® Kits and the leading accredited Corrositex® testing lab in the country.

There is no requirement to test chemical mixtures under WHMIS/HCS 2012/GHS/TDG, however, if you do not test, then the mixture inherits the labeling of the individual hazardous ingredients. For example, a product containing an alkali like sodium hydroxide or an acid like hydrochloric acid must be labeled corrosive without testing.

Dell Tech and Corrositex® can help you:

  • Remove the corrosive symbol from your product label,
  • Save money and time by lowering packing and shipping costs,
  • Downgrade your packing group enabling you to ship larger quantities,
  • Avoid controversial animal testing

Many of Dell Tech Clients have been delighted to see their GHS classification go from 1C and even 1B to non-corrosive.


Corrosion testing with Dell Tech and Corrositex® can:
Save time and money with transportation (TDG) by going from Accurately represent your product hazard (GHS) by changing from
Corrosive TO Limited Quantity  OR Corrosive TO Irritant


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