Corrosion Testing with Dell Tech Laboratories and Corrositex®

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Are you involved in the sale or shipment of potentially corrosive products within Canada? Would you like to verify or potentially lower the classification and packing group of your products, thereby saving valuable time and resources?

Corrositex® stands out as the most cost-effective, rapid, and precise non-animal OECD/GHS endorsed corrosion testing method available in the market today.

As the exclusive Canadian distributor of InVitro Corrositex® Kits and the foremost accredited Corrositex® testing facility in the nation, Dell Tech is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions in this domain.

While there isn’t a mandatory requirement to conduct testing on chemical blends under regulations such as WHMIS/HCS 2012/GHS/TDG, it’s essential to note that failing to do so results in the application of individual hazardous ingredient labels to the mixture. For instance, a product containing corrosive elements like sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid would necessitate corrosive labeling without proper testing.

Dell Tech, in collaboration with Corrositex®, offers valuable assistance in:

– Eliminating the corrosive symbol from your product labeling.
– Cost and time savings through reduced packing and shipping expenditures.
– Potentially downgrading your packing group, enabling larger quantity shipments.
– Steering clear of contentious animal testing practices.

Numerous clients of Dell Tech have experienced considerable satisfaction as their GHS classification transitions from 1C or even 1B to non-corrosive.

Engaging in corrosion testing with Dell Tech and Corrositex® can yield several benefits, including:

– Economies in time and money associated with transportation (TDG) by transitioning from corrosive to limited quantity shipments.
– Accurately reflecting your product’s hazard profile (GHS) by adjusting from corrosive to an irritant classification.

Choose Dell Tech and Corrositex® for reliable solutions that ensure compliance, efficiency, and ethical standards in your product classification and shipping endeavors within Canada.


Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the specialty chemical 

industry in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia for the last 40 years.

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