If you are authoring your own SDS documents, you know that the majority of authoring programs do not classify raw materials and this is often the most difficult step in authoring a compliant SDS.

Dell Tech has been accurately classifying chemicals for over 35 years. In addition to extensive classification experience, our Product Safety Consultants are experts on both Canadian and US GHS regulations.

In order to determine the classification of a raw material, you must consider the following:

  • Where is your data coming from?
  • Were proper test methods used to determine the toxicological results from LD50/LC50?
  • Are your data sources reliable?
  • Are there specific country requirements for that particular chemical?

Authoring Accurate Raw Material Classification

Our team uses a wide variety of sources including, ECHA, CCOHS, CSST, IARC, ACGIH to determine the best classification for an ingredient.

Determining your overall hazard classification is critical. If your classification is incorrect, the results will trickle through to your overall GHS product classification, SDS, and your shipping classification for TDG, DOT, IATA, and IMDG.

If your product is improperly classified, the effects can be hazardous to the users, the environment, and your bottom line.


  • Classify each discrete chemical within your formulation
  • Provide data sources to back up your classification should you be audited
  • Provide guidance on your overall GHS classification
  • Interpret raw material toxicological results