Has Your Firepot Been Recalled?

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By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

Many portable fire pots available for sale on the Canadian market have been subjected to Health Canada’s regulatory enforcement.

These products must meet stringent safety performance criteria in Canada to mitigate user injury and death. The primary danger posed by these products is flame jetting, which can occur when refueling a lit or hot firepot. Health Canada confirmed in October 2019 that non-compliant fire pots can result in product recall or stop sale.

Important regulatory standards for fire pots include:

Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR), 2001

  • Fire pots sold with or without pourable fuel must comply with CCCR hazard labeling. The hazard classification is determined by the most hazardous fuel that can be reasonably used in the product. If a specific fuel is not recommended, one must default to the most hazardous fuel, which is often classified as Toxic and Flammable. The fire pot would then need toxic and flammable labeling.

Child-Resistant Packaging

  • If a Toxic fuel is used, the fuel reservoir in the firepot must be child-resistant while in storage configuration. Child-resistant packaging requires testing and certification from an accredited lab.

ASTM F3363-19 (Standard Specification for Unvented Liquid/Gel Fuel-Burning Portable Devices) or an equivalent.

  • This method outlines performance criteria for firepots. Devices must have a means (e.g. a cover) that can permanently extinguish a flame in 10 seconds. The fire pot must also display a specific (bilingual) warning label outlined in Figure 2 of the standard.
  • A recently introduced standard that may also be used is ASTM F3429/F3429M-20 (Standard Specification for Performance of Flame Mitigation Devices Installed in Disposable and Pre-Filled Flammable Liquid Containers).

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