Technical Label and SDS (formerly MSDS) Translations

Technical translation is the transcription of scientific text from one language to another with close attention paid to both specialized technical terminology and regulatory compliance rules.

Simply translating a US Safety Data Sheet (SDS) into Canadian French does not mean that the SDS itself is compliant for Canada. Canadian SDS have their own nuances and compliance lists that are required on an SDS. Examples of some of these lists and information required for inclusion are as follows:

  • Occupational exposure limits set out by the individual Provinces.
  • Mention of the Domestic Substance List (DSL)/Non-Domestic Substance List (NDSL)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • HHNOCs and PHNOCs
  • Currently, Canada requires Version 5 statements from the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

If you are missing any of these aforementioned requirements within a Canadian SDS, we can author a one in the required languages with proper technical translations.

  • Canadian label law requires that all labels must be translated into Canadian French to be sold Canada wide.
  • Canadian consumer labels must use the prescribed French translations as per the CCCR 2001.
  • Canadian French differs from Parisian French and therefore only translators who have had proper training in our requirements are utilized at Dell Tech.
  • If you have a compliant Version 5 SDS created internally, you will require a Canadian French translated version.
  • All SDSs for hazardous workplace products sold within Canada must be provided in English and French AT THE SAME TIME – this is the law.


  • Offer specialized technical writing necessary to translate scientific and technological information.
  • High level of subject knowledge required for technical translations.
  • Utilize Canadian French translators.
  • Provide a Canadian compliant SDS in the required languages with technical translation.