There are very specific requirements for cannabis labeling and warning symbols, and there is no phase-in period for compliant packaging. This can make compliant cannabis packaging and labeling a huge undertaking.

Dell Tech understands the challenges facing producers who want to reach their audience, while ensuring that product packaging:

  • Does not appeal to younger persons
  • Contains all required elements on the label
  • Adheres to specific regulations regarding package appearance
  • Provides child-proof closures
  • Is properly sealed

As we continue to see updates and changes in the industry, and from Health Canada, it will be extremely beneficial to producers to have expert consultation and compliance support going forward.


  • Cannabis regulation compliance
  • Hazard and risk mitigation and solutions
  • Labeling & packaging compliance for consumer markets
  • Quality assurance and control procedures
  • Documentation of procedures (standard, safety, environmental)
  • License applications
Paula of dell tech

Paula Stanley

Manager, Environmental and Health and Safety Group

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