Whether it is GPP (Good Production Practice) for cannabis production, GMP (good manufacturing practice) for EU certification, or manufacturing systems, we can help you develop and upkeep your programs.

Development of standard operating procedures and critical control points to comply with GMP, GPP, or other quality/safety/environmental requirements can be time-consuming and difficult with competing business priorities. Dell Tech offers implementation, gap analysis, and pre-audit solutions as well as continuous improvement advice to help you create a culture of quality and care.

Our compliance application software can help you track compliance and improve efficiencies in any of your systems with immediate access to your compliance and conformance challenges.

Our team can assist your business with feasible hazard and risk solutions.

We will work with you to create and implement compliant, cost-effective solutions, usable at all levels of your business to keep people and the environment safe.


  • Documentation of procedures (standard, safety, environmental)
  • Quality assurance and control procedures
  • Sanitation requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Material handling
  • Safety, ergonomics, and safe work

Paula Stanley

Manager, Environmental and Health and Safety Group

Call: 519-858-5021
Email: pstanley@delltech.com