Starting on October 17th, 2018, the legalization of cannabis in Canada has created a new regulatory compliance framework for the production and sale of cannabis. These regulations include, but are not limited to, specific health and safety requirements, environmental issues, sustainability, and packaging.

As the industry is in a state of development and change, it creates a challenge for businesses to keep up with new and existing requirements. Dell Tech can provide hazard and risk solutions and assist businesses in maintaining compliance moving forward.

The Cannabis Act: Bill C-45

The Cannabis Act changed the regulatory framework in Canada with the legalization of recreational cannabis. Each province has adopted their own regulations to support the Cannabis Act and has been given the opportunity to decide how they would like to regulate it within each of their locales.

We see from the initial provincial legislation that there are many differing allowances, including:

  • Varying ages for access ranging from 18-21
  • Varying retail models
  • Varying requirements for where cannabis can be used

As the regulations change over time, we will see the legalization of edible products — this will be another big change for the industry. Inevitably, there will more changes and regulations to come. Your business will benefit from expert consultative support to guide you through this process.