What Risks Are You Willing to Take With Your Compliance?

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By: Kirsten Alcock, Manager of Product Safety, email

RISK! It’s a word that is thrown around in the world of compliance quite often. If I do this or don’t do this, what RISK am I taking? Is there a fine if I get caught? Is it detrimental to our reputation as a company? All of these questions need to be taken into consideration when you are selling your products.

When our clients come to us for regulatory help, our mandate is to provide them the most accurate information we have. We will provide them with the information required to be compliant with the current legislation whether it is for the workplace or consumers. We can provide options when they are available, but our job is to help you be in compliance with the regulations. We will often go to Health Canada or OSHA with anonymous questions regarding classifications when the regulations are not as clear as we would like them to be.

When we discuss SDS and updating, we want you to be aware of the requirements to update depending on where you are in the country (different provinces have different requirements). It would be in your best interest to have the most up-to-date information for your users. The same applies to providing label consulting for consumer products that are regulated under the CCCR (Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations) or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in the United States.

Health Canada and CPSC have recall lists. If your product is caught out of compliance, your product will appear on this website. This not only is bad press for your company’s reputation, but it is also very expensive. Is it worth it to do it right the first time, or RISK having the product recalled from the shelves? You may lose the trust of the public when your product is recalled. What is more important to you? In this world where everything is online within minutes of something detrimental happening, the risk to your company’s reputation is huge. For consumer products, there are recall lists that are available to everyone around the world to see.

If you want the best quality work from a reputable company that has been in business for 40 years, please contact us. We worry about your risk just as much as you do. We will help you become compliant with the appropriate legislation. You can be confident that your compliance is our top priority. Reduce your risk for non-compliance.

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Kirsten Alcock, B.Sc. (Hons) 
Manager, Product Safety Group

Dell Tech has provided professional, confidential consulting services to the chemical specialty

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