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Vaping products will soon be held to a higher regulatory standard in Canada.

By: Joe McCarthy, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

The second reading of Bill S-5: “An Act to amend the Tobacco Act and the Non-smokers Health Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts” took place in the House of Commons on November 3, 2017. The bill commonly referred to as the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act will now go to the committee for comment before the third reading.

Highlights – Bill S-5 will:

  • Regulate the packaging and labeling of vaping products and e-liquids,
  • Regulate the manufacture, sale, labeling, and promotion of vaping products with and without nicotine, including vaping devices and substances such as e-liquids while protecting youth and non-users from taking up vaping,
  • Prohibit the marketing and sale of vaping products to youth under the age of 18,
  • Set the regulatory framework for manufacturers to make health reduction claims.

Bill S-5 considers both the health harms and potential health benefits of vaping products and will set the framework for more comprehensive regulations in 2018. If Health Canada institutes immediate enforcement upon royal ascent, manufacturers and distributors of vaping products will have to comply with CCCR 2001 regulations for all products, including compliant labeling and Child Resistant Closures (CRC) for all applicable products.   Contact Dell Tech today to have your labels and packaging reviewed for compliance.

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