Transport of Dangerous Goods: Aerosols & Gas Cartridges


By: Kirsten Alcock, Manager Product Safety Group,

Did you know:  The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has released a proposed draft of the standard for Aerosol Containers and Gas Cartridges for Transport of Dangerous Goods – CGSB-43.123?

Once the proposed standard is finalized and published, Transport Canada will propose an amendment to the current TDG Regulations to incorporate by reference this latest version.

The Standards Council of Canada requires that all proposed draft standards must be made available for public review for a 60-day period during the development process, to allow input from all interested parties. The public review will be open for comments until May 30, 2016. Please get your comments in before the end date.

To request a copy of the proposed draft standard, please contact the CGSB for further details.  For any comments on the proposed revision, please contact:

Nida Chaudhary
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate
Transport Canada
Place de Ville, Tower C, 9th Floor
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0N5
Fax: 613-993-5925

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