The CFIA Is (Finally!) Updating the Feeds Regulations

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By: Ivy Tang, Senior Product Safety Specialist, email

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has formally completed the consultation of the proposed Feeds Regulations, 2022. As part of their multi-year review of existing regulatory frameworks, the amendments to the Feeds Regulations, 1983 will be considered a key update in improving food safety and livestock feed. Major changes include, but are not limited to:

  • The incorporation of Schedules IV and V into the ‘Canadian Feeds Ingredient Table’ (CFIT)
  • Updates to the compendium of medicating ingredients that can be added to feeds
  • Creation of a compendium of non-feed products (e.g. veterinary health products) that can be added to feeds
  • Revision of maximum levels of contaminants that are allowed in livestock feed

The proposed Feeds Regulations 2022 were published in the Canada Gazette Part I in June 2021. The regulations will come into force the day it is registered in the Canada Gazette Part II, but the industry will be given time (estimated 12- 18 months, depending on the requirement) to transition. One of the major transitions will allow stakeholders the choice to follow the previous or new regulations.

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