The Cannabis Act: Compliant Labelling and Packaging

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By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist email

On June 21, 2018, Bill C-45 officially received Royal Assent. The Bill, also known as the Cannabis Act, will come into effect October 17 and legalize the recreational use of cannabis nation-wide. To ensure the risks of cannabis are thoroughly addressed, regulations pertaining to product standards, permits and licenses, and packaging and labelling will be implemented and published in the Canada Gazette Part II.

Despite backlash regarding the strictness of the proposed packaging and labelling regulations, Health Canada will not be providing a transition period to non-medical cannabis products. This means that the packaging and labelling requirements must be met upon the coming into force of the Act.

It is unlikely that a standardized package shape or material will be prescribed, given the multitude of forms of cannabis can be sold in. However, all packages must be child-resistant, tamper-proof, and contaminant-free.

Cannabis must not be packaged in a way that is appealing to young persons. In order to protect youth and inform consumers of health warnings, the product label must contain the following proposed elements:

  • A standardized cannabis symbol
  • A Health Warning Message selected from a provided list and displayed on a yellow background
  • Information pertaining to THC/CBD content
  • The processor address and name, storage conditions, packaging date, expiry date, and net quantity
  • The statement, ‘KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN’
  • No images or graphics are permitted- only one other brand element other than the brand name, such as a logo or slogan
  • Backgrounds must be a single, uniform colour, an must contrast with the cannabis symbol
  • Health warnings must be bilingual

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