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Update: Revised In Commerce List (R-ICL)

By: Teri Dickinson, Manager, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

On April 7, 2018, the Notice of Intent announcing the closure of the nomination of substances on the R-ICL was published in Part 1 of the Canada Gazette with a 60-day comment period.  It is suggested that any company who submitted nominations to review this document and submit comments.

Nominations to the R-ICL will continue to be accepted until one year following publication of a final notice of intent. However, in order to create a static list that will allow the prioritization of substances on the R-ICL to be finalized, the nomination process will be terminated at that time, and no further nominations will be accepted. From that date, manufacturers and importers who wish to market a new substance for use in a Food & Drugs Act regulated product in Canada that are not already listed on the R-ICL must submit a notification under the New Substance Notification Regulations (NSNR).

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