Quality Systems for Recreational Cannabis: GPP or GMP?

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Recreational cannabis is coming in October, are you a producer trying to get your quality systems in place?

By: Paula Stanley, Manager Environmental Health & Safety, email

GPP is the regulated standard in Canada but some producers are choosing to implement GMP.  A summary of some key differences can be found below.

GPP is the current standard required by Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs).  This standard dictates quality and structure at every step of the production and manufacturing process. GPP evaluates results by ensuring the THC and CBD content of recreational cannabis are reported and tracked. Among other things, GPP also requires Standard Operating Procedures, Sanitation Programs and a Recall Procedure.

GMP is a standard generally excepted in Europe and requires the LP to control every environmental variable along the manufacturing and production process.  GMP takes the quality system one step further to ensure consistent results for THC and CBD content with every single production run.  This helps users to have a similar experience with each use.

Both of these systems support quality products, employee protection, environment stewardship and end users safety.

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