Provincial Pesticide Regulations & Classes: Retail Vendor License, Access, Sale and Use

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By: Joe McCarthy, Lab Service Manager/Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

While Pesticides are regulated at the Federal level for registration, labelling and intended use under the Pest Control Products Act & Regulations, it is Provincial Regulations that govern conditions of retail sale and display,  as well as access and location of use by the public.

 The 10 Provincial Regulations have varying and inconsistent requirements for retail vendor licensing, display, and consumer use. Differences include:

  • Lists of exempted low-risk active ingredients
  • Ready to use vs concentrated products
  • Indoor and/or outdoor use
  • Cosmetic and non-cosmetic uses
  • Container size
  • Target pests
  • Exemptions for prescribed locations
  • Exempted uses based on public health and safety purposes

Do you understand how your retail pesticide can be sold & used in each province of Canada?

Do you have trouble answering retailers when they ask if they need a vendor license, or if they need to be controlling customer access to sell your product?

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