Pollinator Re-evaluation: Imidacloprid and its Associated End-Use Products

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By: Joe McCarthy, Laboratory Services Manager, email

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has issued a Proposed Re-evaluation Decision for Imidacloprid and its Associated End-use Products: Pollinator Re-evaluation PRVD 2018-12.

Health Canada examined hundreds of laboratory and outdoor field studies with bees from research conducted around the world and has determined that there are varying degrees of effects on bees.

The Proposed Re-evaluation Decision,

  • will phase out foliar applications to some fruit, berries, and certain tree nuts.
  • will phase out soil application on legume vegetables, fruiting vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, herbs, small fruit, and berries.
  • Soil application to ornamentals will result in pollinator exposure.
  • Prohibit spraying foliar application before or during bloom on fruiting vegetables, herbs legume vegetables, strawberry, lowbush blueberry, tree nuts.
  • Prohibit spraying foliar application during bloom to potato, sweet potato, grapes, legume vegetables, hops, peanut, and tobacco.
  • Require additional labeling of Seed treatment of cereal and legume crop to minimize bee exposure to dust during planting of treated seed.

Imidacloprid trunk injection of deciduous and coniferous trees is not included in this re-evaluation for pollinators.

A more detailed discussion is available at this link.

The deadline for comments is August 29, 2018.

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