PMRA Consultation on Chlorpyrifos and Its Associated End-use Products (PRVD2019-05)

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By: Teri Dickinson, Regulatory Affairs Group Manager, email

Recently the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) released the Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD2019-05, of Chlorpyrifos and its associated end-use products with some major changes noted.  These proposed changes are open for review and comment until August 29, 2019.

The focus of the document is to outline the future of Chlorpyrifos based on the updated environmental risk assessment.  The result, to protect the environment, is the proposed cancellation of almost all agricultural uses.

This leaves the following proposed uses acceptable for continued registration with label changes:

  • Standing water – temporary pools for larval mosquito control
  • Outdoor adult mosquito control
  • Structural indoor and outdoor (non-residential)
  • Outdoor ornamentals (container stock only) for control of Japanese beetle larvae
  • Greenhouse ornamentals

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