New Ontario Vaping Regulations Coming into Effect

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By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

Starting July 1st, 2020, only specialty vape stores may sell the following:

  • Flavoured vaping products
  • Vaping products with nicotine concentrations of > 20 mg/mL

This series of regulations was intended to come into effect May 1st, but were paused by the Ontario Ministry of Health due in part to the effect of COVID-19 on businesses. Specialty vape stores must be registered with a local public health unit and at least 85% of their sales must come from vapour products.

Non-specialty stores such as gas stations and convenience stores may sell Tobacco, Mint, and Menthol flavored vaping products. These stores have until July 1st to sell or return their products that fall outside of the new regulations. Other than specialty vape stores, vaping products cannot be promoted, handled by a customer prior to purchase, or be in view of the customer.

If you sell or manufacture vaping products and need assistance with regulatory compliance, contact Dell Tech today.

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