How well does your kitchen cleaner perform: HCPA DCC-17

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HCPA DCC-17 Greasy Kitchen Soil Test Method

By: Joe McCarthy, Laboratory Services Manager,  email

The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA formerly CSPA) has revised and reissued the widely use and popular DCC-17 Test method for evaluating performance of cleaners. HCPA DCC-17 is an Industry standard for product development, claims substantiation and cited for the performance requirements of 3rd Party certification programs such as the US EPA Safer ChoiceGreen Seal and UL Environment.

The revisions are substantial and the method now has 2 parts; Method A is intended for All Purpose Kitchen Cleaners and Method B is intended for Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreasers. The updates include changes to the soil composition, application procedure of soil to substrate, change of substrates, baking of soil and introduction of positive and negative controls. DCC-17 is no longer identical to ASTM D4488-A2.

The current version of HCPA DCC-17 may be purchased from the HCPA

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