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By: Kirsten Alcock, Manager of Product Safety, email

HMIRA announced their new fees for claims for exemption this week. The new fees came into effect on April 1st.  The application forms were provided to those individuals who have signed up to receive documentation from the Workplace Hazardous Materials Bureau.

The summary of the fees can be found below. As in the past, the amount of claims you put in at the same time has an impact on your fee. It is in your best interest to put in all your claims at the same time if you have many Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) that you’d like to make a trade secret claim on.  For example, if you have more than 15 claims, the fee drops dramatically from $1876.39 per claim to $416.98 per claim.  One thing to note is that these fees are in CANADIAN currency.

There are also further discounts for small business. The definition has been provided in the table from Health Canada.

Please note that these are claims for masking the Chemical Name and/or CAS number for hazardous ingredients that require disclosure on your Canadian Safety Data Sheet. Claiming the trade secret for range only does not require an application at this time.


Summary of the Annual Adjusted Fees:

Claim TypeNumber of Claims
(Filed at one time)
2019-2020 Fee Amount
(Per claim)
2020-2021 Adjusted Fee Amount**
(Per claim)
**Fee adjustment based on CPI, 2.0%
Small Business*
2019-2020 Fee Amount
(Per claim)
Small Business*
2020-2021 Adjusted Fee Amount**
(Per claim)
**Fee adjustment based on CPI, 2.0%
Original Claims 1 to 15$1839.60$1,876.39$919.80$938.20
OriginalClaims 16 to 25$408.80$416.98$204.40$208.49
OriginalClaims 26 and above$204.40$208.49$102.20$104.25
RefileClaims 1 to 15$1471.68$1,501.11$735.84$750.56
RefileClaims 16 to 25$327.04$333.58$163.52$166.79
RefileClaims 26 and above$163.52$166.79$81.76$83.40

*Small Business: The fee required to accompany a claim for exemption is one half of the fee listed above provided the small business:

  • Had a gross annual revenue of not more than three million dollars in the claimant’s fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year in which the claim is filed; and
  • Employs not more than 100 employees.


If you are interested in claiming trade secret in Canada,  we can help you with the paperwork.


  • Develop Generic Chemical Identity (GCI) for the ingredient(s) you with to claim as CBI
  • Prepare and submit a complete registration package to HMIRA on your behalf
  • Provide guidance on the payment authorization and fee structure
  • Prepare the SDS for the product submission


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