Do You Have All Your Ducks in a Row?

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By: Kirsten Alcock, Manager of Product Safety, email

When I say, do you have all your ducks in a row I am asking: Do you know where you plan to sell your product. Do you know your claims? Do you know what ingredients you want to bring into Canada? Knowledge of your intended market and ingredients is of utmost importance.  Today I will focus only on realm.

Why is it important you might ask?  This is a very important question to ask as the rules are different for retail versus workplace. We also ask if they are making any claims as this also impacts how one is required to label and perhaps register their product.

In Canada, when we are dealing with non-registered product not making any claims, we need to determine if your product comes under Workplace (GHS) or is it Consumer (CCCR). The requirements for the two are very different. Below I will demonstrate a couple of the differences for the corrosive classification. Not only are the label requirements different but so are the packaging requirements.

A product that is deemed Corrosive to skin is required to have the following information on the Workplace GHS label:


When we are looking at the consumer realm, the phrases and the symbols are completely different. Please note that due to the way it is written, I was not able to fit all the information here in the blog for you to easily read. Follow this link for the full, complete information.


Whether you are selling your product to workplace or consumer also impacts your packaging which impacts your bottom line.  A product that is corrosive for consumer is required to be in a CRC.  CRC packaging can be very expensive so you’ll want to know if you truly intend to sell it to consumer or workplace as it will have a big impact on your costs.


As I demonstrated above, the regulations are very different for these two realms. If you need help in determining what your requirements are for retail or workplace, please contact us. We are happy to provide further guidance on the two regulations. Don’t hesitate and contact us today.


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