COVID-19 Interim Measures: Cleaning Products, Hand Soaps, and Body Soaps

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By: Ivy Tang, Product Safety Specialist, email

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, household cleaning products are now covered under the interim policy allowing their sale even if they do not meet the labeling requirements under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. This includes:

  • Non-bilingual labeling
  • Missing hazard symbol(s)
  • Precautionary information written in a manner that does not follow the prescribed wording set out by the regulations

Likewise, hand and body soaps are further covered under this policy. Soaps are regulated cosmetics, but may now be sold if they do not meet the following labeling requirements:

  • Non-bilingual labeling
  • Ingredients are disclosed in a manner that does not follow the regulations

Enforcement action is still underway. Packaging requirements such as child-resistant containers are still applicable to cleaning products, and cosmetics must still label for avoidable hazards and will remain prohibited if they contain an ingredient that causes injury.

The purpose of this interim measure is to address the current product shortage and allow Canadians access to non-compliant US products. Products with bilingual or French-only labeling will be prioritized to areas with mostly French-speaking populations.

The interim policy will end three months after all provinces and territories have ended their COVID-19 related states of emergency.

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