Consumer Product Exclusion within Canada’s Hazardous Products Act

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By: Kirsten Alcock, Manager of Product Safety, email

Health Canada is looking to better understand by way of survey, the scale of hazardous consumer products that are in use within workplaces. They are looking to understand their impact on worker health and safety and how to best protect workers who use, handle and store hazardous consumer products.

In particular,  they are looking for information on the following:

  • understand concerns, if any, the consumer product exclusion under the Hazardous Products Act may pose from a workers’ protection perspective;
  • collect views on potential approaches to address consumer products; and,
  • inform a thorough cost-benefit analysis on the potential impacts of any regulatory change.

Industry stakeholders, federal, provincial, and territorial partners, labor organizations, employers, and workers who are interested in commenting on the consumer product exclusion within the proposed revision to the Hazardous Products Act have from February 9, 2021, until March 23, 2021, to do so. This does not leave much time to get your comments together. Details on the consultation can be found here on the WHMIS website.

The results of the survey will be evaluated by Health Canada to inform the approach to the consumer product exclusion within the proposed revision to the Hazardous Products Act. It is important to note that under the current Hazardous Products Act, consumer products are currently exempt as you can see below.

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You are encouraged to submit your comments to Health Canada on the website or by email to:

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