Consultation on Plastics Registry and Plastics Labeling

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By: Teah Jazey, Regulatory Affairs, and Product Safety Associate, email

The Government of Canada recently posted 2 consultation papers on the topic of plastics pollution. The first consultation paper is focused on a plastics registry. The second paper is focused on proper and accurate labeling for recyclable plastics.

Consultation on a Federal Plastics Registry:

The plastics registry is a new proposal for a federal registry of plastics in Canada. The intended use is to be a centralized reporting portal that will harmonize the various reporting programs across Canada’s provinces and territories. The ultimate goal of this registry would be to reduce the administrative and regulatory burden by creating a centralized reporting center for plastics producers. This registry would be implemented in 4 different phases:

Phase one would cover supply data for plastic packaging and electrical equipment. Phases 2 to 4 would cover reporting requirements that include data on the collection, diversion, and re-use of plastic packaging and adding additional plastic categories not currently outlined (may encompass automotive, textiles, etc.). The first phase of this implementation is set to begin by 2024.

The Government of Canada is looking for feedback from interested parties, stakeholders, and the general public. If you are interested in providing comments you can submit them via email to on or before October 07, 2022. The consultation paper linked above (or in the references section) lists discussion questions where the Government is seeking input.

Consultation on Plastics Labeling:

The government of Canada has opened an exploratory consultation surrounding the issue of recyclable plastics and how they are labeled. They are looking for feedback and comments from the general public, all stakeholders, and interested partners on this topic. The consultation period is open until October 07, 2022. If you would like to submit your comments you will need to do so on or before the October 07 deadline. There is a list of discussion questions posed in the consultation paper, but the Government is also looking for any general comments or questions the public wishes to put forward. Your comments can be sent by email to


  1. Plastics Registry Consultation Paper:
  2. Plastics Labelling Consultation Paper:

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