Canadian Environmental Protection Act; New Substances Notification Fee Remissions

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By: Joe McCarthy, Lab Service Manager/Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

Under the Services Fee Act all Federal Departments and Agencies that charge fees for services are required to;

  • Establish performance standards for services provided for a fee.
  • Make the performance standard accessible to the public.
  • A portion of the fee must be refunded (remission/remit) to the person that paid the fee if the performance target standard is not met.


To comply with the requirements of the Services Fee Act, effective April 1, 2021 the Environment & Climate Change Canada New Substances Program will;

  • Issue fee remissions if NSN performance standards is not met.
  • The remission will be 25% of the fee that was paid.
  • Fees must be remitted by July 1st of the following fiscal year.
  • Fees of less than 151$ are considered “Low-materiality” under the Service Fees Act and are not eligible for remission.
  • The timeline starts once all of the administrative information, the prescribed fees, and all of the information prescribed by the notified Schedule of the New Substances Notification Regulations are submitted to the NSP and is considered complete.
  • The timeline ends when the assessment decision has been communicated by the program.
  • The ECCC New Substances Program will track timelines and notify clients when performances standard has not been met.


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